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The Dental Assistants Professional Association is a not-for-profit organisation committed to advancing the recognition and careers of dental assistants through advocacy, education, credentialling and professional activities. We are also a registered training organisation approved to deliver nationally recognised qualifications in Dental Assisting.

With the support of your membership we can continue to promote the role of Dental Assistants across Australia.

The Dental Assistants Professional Association aims to:

  • Promote recognition of Dental Assistants as health care professionals
    • Advance the career and credentialling of Dental Assistants with the health profession
      • Provide care, support and advice on the needs of members
        • Promote and provide a high level of education and training for Dental Assistants
          • Provide a network of health professionals to share knowledge and experience
            • Represent the views of Dental Assistants at official levels

            Activities and Initiatives

            The Association is continually working on new initiatives and programs to benefit members and deliver on the aims as set out above. Some of these activities include:
            Certification: Delivery of accredited training in the HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting flexible delivery pathway. Short course (skill sets) may also be discussed to suit your workplace need.
            Seminars and Workshops: Topics include Infection Control and Workplace Health and Safety.
            Continuing Education and Professional Development: Covering an array of topics delivered by highly regarded experts in their field who provide updates and insights into the latest developments within their area of specialty.
            In-house training and advice: Accredited trainers and assesors provide custom education to suit your practice and ensure all the dental team have up to date knowledge of legislation and practice requirements. Induction training is also available for new staff members.
            Member newsletter: Our enews publication keeps members up to date with dental products and news as well as your Associations' activities and events.
            Annual Conference for the Dental Team: This event has become the highlight of professional development. An opportunity for dental staff to experience exceptional presenters and topics to suit all of the team.
            Website Services: An informative website with continually updated content, including: Employment opportunities, product news and networking activities and exclusive member content.
            Dental Assisting of Excellence Awards: Recognising the value and loyalty of those outstanding members of the dental assisting profession
            Industrial News and Advice: Direct contact with legal advisor for 15 mins on up to 6 occasions per year. HR and IR news updates. Discount on all AHIG education sessions (More details on application).

            10 reasons to join us
            1. National Representation & Advocacy to promote dental assisting
            2. National Qualification Training - Registered Training Organisation
            3. Industrial advice and HR support (may be limited)
            4. Professional development events
            5. Annual National Awards for Dental Assistants
            6. Information, e-news, resources and assistance for all members
            7. Professional networking
            8. Career development and advice
            9. Employment register and assistance
            10. Annual National Conference for the dental team

            Type of Membership

            * Platinum Membership - $160 per year
            -- includes industrial, wage and HR advice and support
            * Professional Membership - $105 per year
            * Student / Trainee Membership - Proof of enrolment in AQF 3 course required - $30


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The Dental Assistants Professional Association is an approved NSW Smart and Skilled* provider, and more information on this can be found at the smart and skilled website
*'This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.'