DAPA and Dental Assistants - Network meetings


Are you interested in meeting together to share ideas, hear about new products, learn new techniques and generally share experiences in the world of dental in a safe and likeminded atmosphere?
DAPA will be hosting regular network sessions for dental assistants and would like to hear fom you with your ideas on how we can best support your career and your journey.
We are looking to provide learning sessions, guest presenters, new product demonstrations and much more! However, we need your input so please send us an email to office@dapa.asn.au and let us know:
What time and day works best for you
Would you prefer an open session where you ask us questions?
Would you prefer an educational session - how long?
What products, materials, skills interest you? eg scanning, model pouring, bleaching trays, or systems to make the workplace flow better such as
LEAN, rostering, stock control etc
We are seeking your feedback to help us provide the topics or education you would like.
Send your suggestions to office@dapa.asn.au